House Sitting Magazine with Vanessa Anderson and Ian Usher

Vanessa Anderson and Ian Usher

Vanessa and Ian like to live differently. They enjoy a freedom lifestyle as full-time nomads and house sitters, happy to follow the twists and turns wherever life takes them. They divide their time between producing House Sitting Magazine, running a large support group for the community, helping others begin their own unique lifestyle journeys, partaking of frequent travel adventures, while spending a large amount of their time cuddling pets! 

Sam initially connected with Vanessa in 2016, back in the early days of our house sitting adventures. While we’ve been connected virtually over the years, it was so cool to have this conversation. We covered so much, from living on Ian’s private island in the Caribbean to getting started house sitting, to how they’ve adapted to the pandemic, and everything in between.

Listen to the episode below or on your favorite podcast app. Just search House Sitting Travel in your app of choice or click these links: Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify, and Stitcher.

We talk about:

  • How Vanessa moved to Ian’s private island in the Caribbean after only having met once before! 
  • How they first got started house sitting 
  • Their life as nomads 
  • House sitting as a couple 
  • Running House Sitting Magazine 
  • Hosting the first house sitting conference 
  • How they’ve adapted to the pandemic 
  • much more! 

There was so much to talk about that we didn’t nearly cover it all, so if there’s something  you’d like to hear more about from Vanessa and Ian’s fascinating life, let us know and maybe we can wrangle them back on the show! 😉

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