From Pro Pet Sitter to Nomadic House Sitter with Tricia Kandik

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In this episode, Sam interviews Tricia Kandik is a fellow (former) full time house sitter and nomad. Originally from Ohio, she’s also lived in Oregon, Missouri, and Washington D.C as well as France and the Czech Republic. By her own admission, she’s not the best planner, but it’s lead to an interesting life. We definitely think so!  We met at a vegan cafe in Sarajevo, Bosnia in late 2019, on the eve of her flight to start her house sitting journey in Asia.

Tricia has a lot of great insights as a former professional (aka paid) pet sitter in Washington, D.C. She shares how her house sitting adventures in Asia went, how the pandemic affected her travels, and where she is now.   

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We talk about: 

  • How she got started dog walking and professional pet sitting in Washington, D.C.
  • The differences between exchange based house sitting and paid pet sitting 
  • Making the move from home owner to nomad 
  • Her first unpaid house sit taking care of the cutest puppy in Portland, Oregon 
  • Tricia’s experiences house sitting in Vietnam and Singapore 
  • Getting started volunteering at animal rescues 
  • How the pandemic affected her travels
  • Landing in Mexico and how she likes living there
  • Finding community and making friends while on the road  
  • Much more!

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