This Job is Sh*t with Ryan Patey

Ryan Patey looking out a window with a plant next to him

In this episode, we chat with solo house sitter Ryan Patey. So much of the discussion around solo house sitting centers on solo female house sitting (check out episode 3 with Kelsey Frey for more on that!). But what about the solo dude house sitters out there? Is it possible to house sit as a guy alone? Sam speaks with Ryan about exactly this topic, which has lead to some interesting experiences around the world, like having to pretend to be a family member of a pet owner! 

We talk also about: 

  • How Ryan first started house sitting in his native Canada 
  • Experiencing cultural differences house sitting in Turkey 
  • House sitting around Southeast Asia 
  • Exploring different pars of Saigon through house sitting 
  • The difficult parts of house sitting 
  • Funny parts of house sitting (aka poop stories)
  • His book, This Job is Sh*t 
  • much more! 

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