Sights Better Seen with Kelsey Frey

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In our first ever interview, Sam interviews Kelsey Frey, solo female house sitter and nomadic travel blogger, Pinterest manager, online English teacher, and freelance writer who can usually be found somewhere in Europe or the USA. Before becoming nomadic, she worked in the environmental field for organizations like the conservation corps and her local Audubon society.

You can follow her (mis)adventures as a solo female traveler without a permanent address at or on Instagram @sightsbetterseen, which is how we originally connected!

We talk about: 

  • loving and searching out the winter as a nomad (rare!) 
  • Kelsey’s first house sitting experience 
  • House sitting as a solo female traveler (her experience, tips, and advice)
  • House sitting in Norway, Germany, the UK, Thailand, and more 
  • Dating as a nomad 
  • Lessons she’s learned along the way 
  • The importance of and finding community on the road 
  • Funding her nomadic lifestyle 
  • How she’s been affected by and adapted to the pandemic 
  • Pinterest management 
  • and more!

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